This is the Original Beef Perky Jerky – the one that started it all. This all natural jerky is made from tender cuts of beef. Marinated overnight it has a rich, delicious peppery flavor with a hint of soy sauce, brown sugar, and lemon juice. This is the most tender, ultra premium jerky out there, and the only one that will leave you begging for more.

“Boy is this a treat! It totally melts in your mouth; so tender and tasty! Nothing but a mouth full of high quality, yummy ingredients!” - Janelle M.

Not only is it delicious, it’s what our jerky DOESN’T have that makes it even better: NO preservatives • NO nitrites • NO added MSG

  • Low calorie
  • Low fat
  • Low carb
  • High protein

  • Teriyaki Beef
  • Hot & Bothered Beef
  • Sweet & Spicy Beef
  • Original Beef
  • Original Turkey
  • Sweet & Spicy Turkey
  • Hot & Bothered Turkey
  • Teriyaki Turkey
  • Jamaican Style Turkey