Ah, jerky in the mail - what a wonderful thing! In just a few short clicks, the best tasting jerky on Earth will be on its way to your doorstep. We wanted to ensure you knew what all of the options meant at checkout so you could make the best decision based off when you NEED your jerky!

All orders over $60 ship free!

How long from when my order is placed do you ship it?

Typically, all shipments leave the Jerky HQ within 3 business days. You may not receive your shipping information until the evening (when your order is picked up by the carrier), but rest assured - we get to work on them the moment you press “submit”.

Shipping times vary based off of where you live in the country. All orders ship from Salt Lake City, UT. We do our very best to get your shipment to you quickly!

What about tracking??

You will receive tracking when your order is picked up by the carrier. You can opt to get text alerts er just standard email when you are checking out. 

How long will my order take to get here?

We have a few options for you to ensure you get that jerky on your schedule. 

1: $5 Flat Rate No-Rush:  5-7 business days from when it ships - depending on where you liveThis is the same shipping option as free shipping, but your order total is $40 or less.

2: $8 Flat Rate Ground Shipping: 2-4 business days from when it ships. We subsidize some of the cost here so it's not outrageous. Use this option if you want your jerky pronto!

3: Priority Mail: 2-3 business days from when it ships. Rates are calculated based off the weight of your shipment, and how far away from Salt Late City you are. If you live close to Salt Lake City, this could be a fast, affordable way to get your jerky! Be sure to scope the rate.

4: Priority Express: 1-2 business day delivery from when it ships. Oh, you need your jerky fast? At any cost? No worries, we have you covered. It’s not cheap, but you will have your meat on the doorstep ASAP!

Have further questions? No problem! Reach out to us here!


Stay hungry, jerk fans!